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Assorted Fastening Products

Rio Fasteners distributes a wide selection of assorted fasteners, including L9 & PFC9 bolts, cotter pins, clevis pins, hex key sets, retainer rings, and more. With a wide selection of sizes, styles, and material options, we can provide you with any fastening products your project or operation requires.

Assorted Fasteners at Rio Fasteners

At Rio Fasteners, we supply customers with a wide range of fastening products. Not sure which fasteners would be best for your application’s requirements? Contact us today, and our staff will gladly help you find the right fastening products for your job.

L9 Bolts

L9 fasteners are high-strength bolts used in structural and heavy-duty applications. These bolts are made from high-grade steel and feature a minimum tensile strength of 150,000 pounds per square inch (psi), making them ideal for use in demanding environments that require exceptional strength and durability. L9 fasteners are commonly used in the oil & gas, construction, and mining industries for heavy-duty structural applications.

Cotter Pins

Cotter pins are small metal fasteners that secure mechanical components in industrial settings, including machinery, automotive, aerospace, and construction equipment. Cotter pins are inserted through a hole in a fastener and bent around the shank to prevent loosening. Common uses for cotter pins include securing hitch and clevis pins in agricultural and construction equipment, mechanical assemblies, and automotive applications such as brake and suspension components.

Clevis Pins

A clevis pin features a head on one end and a cross hole on the other, used for attaching a clevis or other fitting to a shaft or rod. Clevis pins are often used in industrial applications, including agricultural and construction equipment, and in industrial and automotive settings to secure machinery and mechanical assemblies.

Spring Pins

Spring pins, also called roll pins or split pins, hold two or more parts together securely by expanding in a hole or cavity. They are commonly used in industrial applications requiring shock or vibration resistance, including automotive, construction, manufacturing, and aerospace. Spring pins connect gear wheels, axles, rotating components, hinges, shafts, and structural members and assemble hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Available in different sizes and materials, they are easy to install and remove.

Dowel Pins

A dowel pin is a solid cylindrical pin used to accurately align and join two or more pieces of material in industrial settings. Dowel pins are often used in manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace industries, as well as in furniture construction and woodworking applications.

Retainer Rings

Retaining rings are small, circular metal rings designed to fit into a groove on a shaft or inside a housing. Retaining rings are used to secure and position components on shafts or inside housings by providing a shoulder to keep the component in place. Retaining rings are available in various sizes and are often used in automotive, aerospace, and other mechanical manufacturing operations.

Find the Fastening Products You Need at Rio Fasteners

Rio Fasteners, we make it a priority to cultivate meaningful relationships with all our customers. Our strong customer relationships help us understand the unique requirements of each industry we support. In addition to our selection of assorted fasteners, we offer several advanced optional services for our customers, including:
  • Personalized VMI & Consignment Services
  • Custom Kitting Services
  • Bulk & Special Ordering Options
  • Wholesale Pricing Options

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Trouble finding the fastening products you need? Contact us, and our team will help you find any fastener your application requires. You can also request a quote for pricing information on special orders. Rio Fasteners is your trusted source for premium fastening products at great prices!